30 Mars 2015 

Black Howling DigiCD and Necrostrigis 1 side 12"MLP is available are available now!!


FIRE N°29 - BLACK HOWLING (POR) ''O Sangue E A Terra'' (Digipack CD15) Limited 500 ----- 7,5

(Their new album! 50 minutes of depressive and atmospheric raw black metal.Co-release with Altare, Darker Than Black and Legion Blotan)

FIRE N°28 - NECROSTRIGIS (POL) ''Dziedzictwo Wilczej Krwi'' (12''MLP15) Limited 300 ----- 9

(25 minutes of sabbatical old Polish black metal. 4 re-recorded or rearranged old tracks and a Mysteries cover)


Write to see the updated mailorder list 


30 Avril 2014

Necrostrigis ''Sinister Fire's Rituals'' 7"ep limited to 500 copies co-release with Darker Than Black



September 25, 2013

"10 Years of Unholy Fire" Gatefold Double LP + Sabbath's Fire Patch

See the songs titles in the release section 




The tapes below are available

-Tarnkappe (Hol) ''Tussen Hun En De Zon'' Ltd 500 Lugubre, Salacious Gods member 


-Deuteronomy (Gre) ''A Great Blessing'' Ltd 500Tape version of the album, with Demonical (Swe) drummer 


-Vultyr (Fin) ''Monuments Of Misanthropy + Bonus'' Ltd 500 co-release with Infernal Kommando 

-Vultyr (Fin) ''Bleed For Vultyr + Bonus'' Ltd 500 co-release with Infernal Kommando 

-Vultyr (Fin) ''Leviathan Dawn + Bonus'' Ltd 500 co-release with Infernal Kommando 

-Vultyr (Fin) ''Philosophy Of The Beast'' Ltd 500 co-release with Infernal Kommando 



May 30, 2013 

New release out now: 

Ødelegger / Ostots split 7" limited to 300 copies 

Co-release with Discipline (Por) and Legion Boltan (Uk) 

You can buy your copy for 5,50€ + postage

 O/O Split


February 4, 2013 

The Necrostrigis / Evil "Winter Darkness Storm" split 7" OUT NOW ! 

Evil / Necrostrigis split ep



September 12, 2012

The Slaughter Messiah Demo tape is out (..some months ago sorry to haven't updated the site before) 

Flyer SM



February 4, 2012

Kaevum "Natur" LP is available NOW !!!

 Kaevum flyer







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