10” Mlps

10” Mlps


-AMALEK (GER) / NACHTKULT (BRA) ''Das Letzte Aufgebot'' (Split MLP13) Limited 250 hand numbered ----- 10

(Both comes with 2 tracks of extreme and radikal raw black metal.Slim Gatefold cover, I.G. Farben)

-ANAL BLASPHEMY (FIN) ''Ejaculation Of Black Impurity'' (MLP11) Limited 300 ----- 7,5

(Vinyl version of the 2005' demo, perverse and sick raw black metal.Comes with insert, Hammer Of Hate)

-DEVILRY(FIN) ''Stormbolt'' (MLP06) Limited 500 ----- 7

(6 tracks of militant death metal.Vinyl with a bonus track not on the CD.Comes with insert, Breath of Pestilence)

-DROWNING THE LIGHT (AUS) ''The Land Of The Dead Sun'' (MLP11) Limited 500 ----- 8,5

(4 new tracks of rotten melancholic black metal recorded with a Finnish line-up.Comes with insert, Hammer Of Hate)

-DROWNING THE LIGHT (AUS) ''The Fading Rays Of The Sun'' (MLP10) Limited 666 ----- 8,5

(Occult and atmospheric Australian raw black metal, Obscure Abhorrence Productions)

-GOATREICH 666 (ITA) / MEFITIC (ITA) ''Paintime / Poisonous Transcendence'' (Split MLP08) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 6,5

(Unholy furious raw black metal / Obscure and brutal raw death metal.Comes with printed inner sleeve, Drakkar Productions)

-HAVOHEJ (USA) ''Hornbook Seytan'' (MLP08) ----- 7

(Ugly satanic black ambient noise by Profanatica members. Hells Headbangers)

-HORNED ALMIGHTY (DEN) "Live Ersanguination" (MLP07) Limited 500 ----- 7

(7 live songs from the concert at the United Metal Maniacs in May 2007. Brutal blaphemous black metal with thrash influences)

-INCRIMINATED (FIN) ''Death Nöize'' (MLP09) Limited 500 ----- 7

(Last studio release ever of the band, filthy old school metal of death. Northern Heritage)

-ISANE VESPER (FRA) / TRIUMFALL (SER) ''Demise Of Being'' (SplitMLP13) Limited 333 ----- 8

(Extreme, decadent and evil satanic French black metal / Dark, chaotic and dissonant black metal.Comes with A4 insert, Art Of Propaganda)

-KAWIR (GRE) / (NERGAL (GRE)) / EMBRACE OF THORNS (GRE) / SOULSKINNER (GRE) ''Emissaries Of A Profane Advent'' (Split MLP12) Limited 500 ----- 8,5

(Union of Greek old and new black metal's scene, all bands come with new exclusive track.Comes with insert, Hammer of Hate Records)

(Because of a pressing problem, there's not the Nergal track. The fourth track is a Kawir outro)

-UGULISHI (FIN) / SILBERBACH (GER) ''Madness Of His Followers'' (Split MLP13) Limited 300 ----- 7,5

(Both bands comes with 2 new tracks of true satanic raw black metal.Comes with insert, Obscure Abhorrence Productions)


10” Mlps under 5€


-ENOID (SWI) ''Suicide Genocide'' (MLP08) Limited 500 ----- 5

(30 minutes of raw and blasting aggressive misanthropic black metal.Vinyl release only, Bergstolz)

-MARERIDT (DEN) "Mors Angelorum" (Gatefold MLP06) Limited 525 hand numbered ----- 4,5

(Rerelease of the 2000' demo with new artwork. Fast and raw satanic black metal)

-MORDICHRIST (SWE) "S/T" (MLP05) Limited 500 ----- 3,5

(Original black / doom metal.With a Dark Funeral member.Danza Ipnotica Records)

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