FIRE N°27 - NECROSTRIGIS (POL) ''Sinister Fire's Rituals'' (EP14) Limited 500 ----- 5

(Third part of the Devil's Moon Trilogy, 2 new tracks of ancient sabbatical Polish black metal.Co release with Darker Than Black)

FIRE N°24 – ØDELEGGER (GER) / OSTOTS (SPA) (SplitEP13) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 5 (last copies)

(Primitive and minimal raw black metal / Raw melodic black metal. Both comes with a new track.Co-release with Discipline and Legion Blotan)

FIRE N°23 - NECROSTRIGIS (POL) / EVIL (BRA) ''Winter Darkness Storm'' (Split EP13) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 5

(1 excellent exclusive track of old Polish black metal + a Burzum cover / Raw Southern elite black metal, this track appear as ghost track on the compilation "pure black evil" in a different version. All on true black vinyls, no die hard copies!)

FIRE N°19 - DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION (BEL) / EXCRUCIATE 666 (FRA) ''Goat Ass / Obscene Perversion In Genocide'' (SplitEP10) Limited to 500 copies ----- 5


FIRE N°10 - WYRD (FIN) "Tuonela" (EP06) Limited to 1000 hand numbered copies ----- 4 (last 2 copies)

(Raw heathen black metal. 2 long tracks recorded in 2003: 1 unreleased and a raw unreleased demo version of "Ominous Insomnia")









-ABIGAIL (JAP) / AKASHAH (USA) ''Axis Of Evil'' (Split EP13) Limited 300 ----- 6


(2 new track of infernal and perverse punkish thrash black metal / 1 new track of epic and mythologic heathen black metal. Darker Than Black)


-ABUSIVENESS (POL) ''Nad Grobem Ojców'' (EP10) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 5


(Cold, violent and brutal (pagan) black metal, 3 tracks and a Sepultura cover.Comes in noble cover + insert + poster + sticker, Rex Diaboli)


-ANAL BLASPHEMY (FIN) / HALLA (IRA) ''Slaves Of The Impaled Prophet'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP12) Limited 300 ----- 5


(Both comes with a new exclusive track of bestial anti islam black metal. Hammer Of Hate)


-ANCESTORS BLOOD (FIN) / PROFEZIA (INT) (Slim Gatefold Split EP14) Limited 300 ----- 5,5


(Unreleased materials. Epic and atmospheric black metal / Old school elite black metal with nice melodies.Tour De Garde)


-ARMATUS (GER) / AKITSA (QUE) ''Me Ne Frego'' (Split EP13) ----- 6


(3 new tracks of true elite black metal!!! I.G. Farben / Sniper Records)


-ARMOUR (FIN) ''Death Threat / No Heaven'' (SlimGatefold EP14) ----- 5


(2 new tracks of evil pure heavy metal. Nuclear War Now! Productions)


-ASCENDED (FIN) / HELCARAXË (USA) (Split EP11) Limited 500 ----- 5


(Deep and insane Finnish death doom metal / Heavy yet melodic death metal. Regimental Records)


-BEHELAL (GRE) ''Satanic Propaganda'' (EP14) ----- 5


(1 new track od Hellenic Luciferian occult black metal + a Rotting Christ cover. Fallen Temple)


-BESTIAL SUMMONING (HOL) ''Live In Venray'' (Slim Gatefold EP12) ----- 5


(Re-release of the 92' EP 20 years after,Cult raw old school primitive black metal. New Era Productions)


-BETHLEHEM (GER) / BENIGHTED IN SODOM (USA) ''Suizidal – Ovipare Todessehnsucht'' (Gatefold Split EP09) Limited 1000 ----- 5


(New versions of old tracks for both. Suicidal depressive dark / rock / black metal x2. Obscure Abhorrence Productions)


-BILSKIRNIR (GER) ''Der Wolkenwanderer'' (SlimGatefold EP12) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 6


(1 track of the next album, 1 instrumental and 1 Absurd cover, German heathen black metal. Darker Than Black)


-BILSKIRNIR (GER) / BARAD DÜR (GER) ''Lost Forever / Selbstmord'' (Split EP11) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 5


(1 exclusive long track for both bands, raw heathen black metal alliance.Comes with insert, Tanhu Records)


-BLACK ANGEL (PER) "Reign Of Satan" (Picture EP07) Limited 555 ----- 4,5


(Raw old school SouthAmerican black metal. Picture EP comes with large foldout 2 sided postercover. Necromancer Records)


-BLACK PUTRESCENCE (AUS) / GRAVE WORSHIP (AUS) (Slim Gatefold Split EP12) ----- 6


(Unr.Demo4, raw and fifthy ug Australian black metal / 2 old unr. Tracks of dirty ug raw black metal. Discipline)


-BLEAKWOOD (AUS) LAMPADES (AUS) ''Orb Of Insolence / B'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP13) Limited 333 ----- 5


(1 long track of fast progressive black metal / Sombre raw death metal based on Greek mythology. Psychedelic Lotus Order)


-CAPRICORNUS (POL) ''Stahlgewitter'' (Slim Gatefold EP13) ----- 6


(New version of the 1999' ep, primitive and extreme ns black metal. I.G. Farben Produktion)


-CELESTIA (FRA) ''Evanescence'' (EP08) Limited 555 hand numbered ----- 5,5


(Melancholic ethereal black metal, vinyl version of their first demo from 1997.Turanian Honour)


-CELTIC DANCE (POR) ''Terror Romanorum'' (EP13) Limited 250 ----- 5


(1 new track and a re-recorded old one, Lusitanian heathen black metal.Comes with insert, Nekrogoat Heresy Productions)


-CHURCH BIZARRE (DEN) ''The Liberating Darkness'' (Gatefold EP08) ----- 5,5


(3 brand new studio tracks in their typical black/death metal style.Comes in noble gatefold, Hells Headbangers)


-CUTTHROAT (JAP) ''Thrash Metal Crazy Night'' (EP08) Limited 500 ----- 5


(4 live tracks of pure kamikase thrash metal, 1 recorded in 2008 and 3 in 1999.Comes on white vinyl, Necrmancer Records)


-DARK FURY (POL) ''After The Battle'' (EP10) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 5


(3 brand new tracks of uncompromising Polish radikal war black metal. Frenteuropa)


-DARKTHULE (GRE) / THE SHADOW ORDER (GRE) / FROSTKRIEG (GER) (3 Way Split EP10) Limited 500 ----- 5


(3 way split EP of heathen black metal art, new material for each band. Darker Than Black Records)


-DARKTHULE (GRE) "In The Sight Of Dawn" (EP06) Limited 500 ----- 5


(Superb raw hellenic heathen black metal.Christhunt Productions)


-DEFUNTOS (POR) ''Os Suplicios De Uma Triste Lembrança'' (Gatefold EP09) Limited 411 ----- 5


(Slow and melancholic funeral doom black metal.Comes in noble gatefold and white vinyl, Nec romancer Records)


-DER STÜRMER (GRE) ''Areifatoi'' (EP14) ----- 6


(3 new tracks of radikal ns black metal.Comes with insert, Breath Of Pestilence)


-DER STÜRMER (GRE) / WEHRHAMMER (GER) (Split EP13) ----- 6


(2 new tracks for both bands, radikal ns black metal.Comes with insert, Breath Of Pestilence)


-DOLENTIA (POR) / SATANIZE (POR) ''Liturgic Destruction – Live In Newcastle'' (Slim Gatefold EP12) Limited 250 and dedicated to the owner ----- 6


(2 live recording long tracks by 2 of the best Portuguese crude underground black metal's bands. Discipline)


-DODSFERD (GRE) ''The Breath Of Chaos'' (EP13) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 4,5


(A new version of an old track and a GG Allin cover, misanthropic Greek black metal. Fistbang Records)


-DODSFERD (GRE) ''Another Two Of Your Scars And The World Is Dead'' (Gatefold EP10) Limited 500 ----- 4,5


(2 brand new tracks of cult misanthropic black metal from Greece.Obscure Abhorrence / Moribund Records)


-DROWNING THE LIGHT (AUS) ''Dead Soul Requiem'' (EP13) Limited 666 ----- 5


(2 new tracks of epic and melancholic raw black metal with Ash from Nargaroth on vocals.Obscure Abhorrence Productions)


-DUX (FRA) ''Lanleff'' (Gatefold EP13) ----- 5,5


-ERHABENHEIT (GER) / WOLFSSCHREI (GER) "Um Einst Zu Herrschen...In Tiefer Verachtung Meiner..." (Split EP07) Limited 500 ----- 4


(2 great raw German underground black metal's bands.With Odal member.Comes with inserts, Fog Of The Apocalypse)


-ETERNAL ROT (UK/POL) ''Grave Grooves'' (EP14) Limited 500 ----- 4,5


(2 tracks of slow and heavy doomish death metal in the old 90'vein.Comes with insert + mini poster and sticker, Fallen Temple)


-EVIL ANGEL (FIN) / THE SPAWN OF SATAN (USA) ''Bastard Crucifix Sathanas / Sinister Forces'' (Coloured Slim Gatefold EP08) ----- 5


(Raw old school bestial black thrash metal, with a Sacrofago cover / Satanic thrashing death metal.Comes on half/half orange/red vinyl)


-EVILTHORN (CHN) ''Evilthorn / Slaughter'' (Slim Gatefold EP14) Limited 200 ----- 5


(Re-issue on vinyl of the 2002' demo, Eastern unholy hateful black metal. Psychedelic Lotus Order)


-EXCRUCIATE 666 (FRA) "Warblood" (EP07) Limited 500 ----- 5


(Re-release on vinyl of their 2001' demo. Fast and brutal war black metal)


-FORBIDDEN CITADEL OF SPIRITS (AUS) / SATANIZE (POR) (Slim Gatefold Split EP13) Hand numbered ----- 6


(Vinyl version of the 2009' tape (lim66), raw, profane and instinctive underground black metal. Discipline)


-FORBIDDEN CITADEL OF SPIRITS (AUS) / BLACK CILICE (POR) (Slim Gatefold Split EP12) Hand numbered and dedicated to the owner ----- 6


(Both bands play dissonant and chaotic underground raw black metal. Discipline)


-FORNICATUS (FIN) ''Down Again'' (Slim Gatefold EP10) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 5


(Cold, sorrowful and melancholic sharp depressive black metal, 2 new long tracks. Self Mutilation Services / Zinarthan Productions)


-FOSCOR (SPA) / NECROSADIST (CYP) ''Onslaught Of Black Putrefaction'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP10) Limited 300 ----- 5


(Violent and ominous black metal / Brutal and raw necro black metal. New material for both.Comes with insert, Necroterror Records)


-FRONT BEAST (GER) ''Untold Occult Mysteries'' (Slim Gatefold EP11) Limited 500 ----- 4


(1 new track in the well know FB style recorded in 2009 + a Darkthrone cover recorded in 2007. Front Beast Records)


-FRONT BEAST (GER) / THY ASHES (GER) ''Die Under The Red Moon / The Sorcerer's Pact'' (Slim Gatefold EP09) Limited 500 ----- 4


(1 new track of raw old school black metal / 1 great new track of raw black metal in the Tormentor vein, promising band. Front Beast Records)


-FRONT BEAST (GER) / HAR SHATAN (GER) "Laws Of The Cemetery / Pain & Misery" (Slim Gatefold EP05) Limited 666 --- 4


(1 new unreleased track of cold black / heavy metal / Raw evil black metal.Comes on clear vinyl, Front Beast Records)


-FUNERAL FROST (SWE) "Watch Them Burn" (EP07) ----- 5


(4 tracks recorded in 1997 now officially released. Fast and cruel black metal.Comes with insert, Raging Bloodlust Records)


-GOATMOON (FIN) ''Vahdon Riemuvoitto'' (EP13) ----- 6


(2 new tracks in the true Goatmoon way! Werewolf Records)


-GOATMOON (FIN) / GODLESS NORTH (CAN) (Split EP13) ----- 7


(Both bands come with 2 new tracks.Comes with insert, no more comments needed. Darker Than Black)


-GODLESS NORTH (CAN) ''World In Flames'' (Slim Gatefold EP12) Limited 500 ----- 5


(2 new tracks of intense and mighty heathen totalitaryan black metal. Darker Than Black)


-GRAVE UPHEAVAL (AUS) / ENCOFFINMENT (USA) (Slim Gatefold Split EP13) Limited 400 ----- 5


(Re-release on 7'' of the 2011' 12''(lim.200), 2x obscure, heavy and abyssal death doom metal. Psychedelic Lotus Order)


-GRAVEWÜRM (USA) / DAEMONLORD (SPA) "The Final Order" (Slim Gatefold EP07) Limited 444 ----- 4


(Old school blackened death metal / Hateful and raw black metal. 2 new tracks for each band.Comes on white vinyl, Necromancer Records)


-GRIMA MORSTUA (ARG) "Repulsive Sounds Of Satanic Worship" (EP05) Limited 525 hand numbered ----- 4


(Raw satanic black metal.Comes with insert, Drakkar Productions)


-GROMM (UKR) ''Black Art Morbid Grandeur'' (EP13) Limited 250 ----- 5


(2 new tracks of their great misanthropic and satanic black metal's art.War Flagellation Records)


-HADEZ (PER) ''The Path Of...The Ossuary Devilish Possession'' (Slim Gatefold EP10) Limited 600 ----- 5


(1 new track and 2 re-recorded classics of this Peruvian brutal and evil satanic death black metal band. Kill Yourself Productions)


-HAKARISTI (FIN) ''S/T'' (Slim Gatefold EP12) Limited 300 ----- 5


(Vinyl version of the 2010' demo tape, hatred Finnish raw ns black metal noise.Under license from Filth & Violence, Legion Blotan Records)


-HEGEMOON (POL) / MOONTOWER (POL) ''Zjednoczeni W Akcie Nienawiści'' (SplitEP13) Limited 250 ----- 5


(1 unreleased track of raw and fast underground Polish black metal for both bands.Comes with insert, Act Of Hate Records)


-HIN HÅLE (SWE) ''Beyond'' (EP14) ----- 5


(Vinyl version of the 2010' demo, 4 tracks of unholy Swedish black speed metal. Fallen Temple)


-HRIZG (SPA) ''Throne Of The Occult'' (EP12) Limited 500 ----- 5


(3 new tracks of obscure, cold and grim Spanish black metal.Comes with insert, Negra Nit Distribution)


-IMPALED NAZARENE (FIN) ''Enlightment Proccess'' (EP12) ----- 7


(New ep with 1 track from the new album and 2 re-recorded old tracks.Comes on golden vinyl / cover / sticker or silver vinyl / cover / sticker.Osmose Productions)


-IMPALED NAZARENE (FIN) ''Satanic Masowhore'' (EP12) ----- 7


(Re-release of the 1993' ep on clear vinyl + a logo sticker;Cyber nuclear black metal.Osmose Productions)


-IMPALED NAZARENE (FIN) ''Sadogoat'' (EP12) ----- 7


(Re-release of the 1993' ep on bloody red vinyl + a sticker of the cover, Cyber nuclear black metal.Osmose Productions)


-IMPALED NAZARENE (FIN) ''Goat Perversion'' (EP12) ----- 8


(Re-release of the 1992' ep on white vinyl + a woven patch, Cyber nuclear black metal.Osmose Productions)


-IN THY FLESH (POR) / INSALUBRE (POR) (Slim Gatefold Split EP13) Hand numbered – dedicated to the owner ----- 6


(Both bands come with an unreleased live track recorded in 2008', crude underground black metal. Discipline)


-IN THY FLESH (POR) / SENTIMEN BELTZA (SPA) (Slim Gatefold Split EP13) ----- 6


(1 new track of great and fast yet emotional black metal / 1 track of fast yet melodic atmospheric black metal. Discipline)


-INFERNAL EXECRATOR (SGP) ''Conglomeration Goatcult Profanextermination'' (EP13) Limited 666 ----- 5,5


(2 new tracks of destructive brutal war black death metal.Comes with fold-out insert and poster. Available in black and grey vinyl (both lim333), Apocalyptic Empire Records)


-INFERNAL GOAT (ITA) ''Extended Black Infamity / Motorpanzers'' (Slim Gatefold EP10) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 4


(Raw, fast and primitive unholy black metal in the old vein. Necromancer Records)


-INSTINCT (UK) / MYRRDIN (UK) ''Chamber Dark / Pagan Bloody Altar'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP11) Limited 250 ----- 5


(2x dark, depressive and melancholic raw pagan blacl metal.


-ISENHEIM (GER) / URUK HAI (SPA) "Sunrise... / The Winter Falls..." (Split EP03) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 5


(Two bands of unholy old school black metal , a very excellent split , comes on transparent heavy vinyl)


-KATHAARIAN (GER) / NORNS (FIN) "Satanic Mentality" (Split EP07) ----- 5


(Fast and brutal raw black metal / Cold, raw and hateful black metal.W.T.C. Productions)


-KORGONTHURUS (FIN) ''Tapa Itsesi'' (EP10) Limited 500 ----- 5


(2 new unreleased songs of raw hateful destroying satanic black metal.Comes on white vinyl + insert, Obscure Abhorrence / Art Of Propaganda)


-KORGONTHURUS (FIN) "Ristillä Mädäntyen" (Picture EP07) Limited 500 ----- 5


(3 unreleased tracks of raw finnish black metal. Horna member.Comes on nice coloured picture vinyl+fold out black sleeve with silver printed)


-KRATER (GER) / LATHSPELL (FIN) (Gatefold Split EP08) Limited 500 ----- 4


(Raw German misanthropic black metal / Cold and sepressive Northern black metal. Obscure Abhorrence Productions)


-KRATORNAS (PHL) ''Hollow Ground Destruction'' (Picture EP06) Limited 666 ----- 4,5


(Brutal and sick demoniac hatred black death metal.Comes with a sticker, Fudgeworthy Records)


-KRIEG (USA) / CAÏNA (UK) (Slim Gatefold Split EP09) ----- 5


(Raw and cold US black metal / Good varied black metal.1 unreleased long track for both band. Black vinyl version sold from Grief Foundation)


-LADO OBSCURO (BRA) ''Senhor Das Trevas'' (Slim Gatefold EP06) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 4


(Primitive Brazilian underground doomish black metal. Intolerant Records)


-LANZ (HOL) / THE PARENTS OF OUDE PEKELA (HOL) ''Excrement Terrorism On The Holy Trinity Part2'' (Split EP13) Limited 350 hand numbered ----- 5


(Strange and perverted underground music with piano / Brutal and harsh black grind metal.Comes with insert, New Era Productions)


-LERAJE (GER) ''Ferro Ignique'' (EP11) Limited 500 ----- 5


(2 new exclusive songs of occult old school raw black metal.Comes with printed inner sleeve, Art Of Propaganda)


-LUTOMYSL (UKR) ''Firmament'' (EP14) Limited 300 ----- 5


(2 new tracks of misanthropic eastern black metal. Nihilward Productions)


-MALEDICERE (USA) / UNO ACTU (QUE) ''To Present ... / Absorber La Noiceur'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP09) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 5


(Aggressive yet atmospheric black metal, a very good track / Dark acoustic ambient with vocals.Comes with insert, God Is Myth Records)


-MALFEITOR (ITA) / AMOK (NOR) ''In This Place Forever / Piledriver'' (Gatefold Split EP07) Limited 666 hand numbered ----- 4


(Fast infernal black metal with Aborym members / Brutal thrash death metal with Taake members.War Arts Productions)


-MALUM IN SE (POL) ''...Of Death...Of Lurid Soul...'' (EP14) ----- 5


(2 long tracks of morbid devilish black metal.Comes with insert, Fallen Temple)


-MASTURBACION CRISTIANA (ITA/ECU) / XERBETH (BOL) ''Dvastadores Templos Bastardos'' (Split EP09) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 4


(Infernal, bestial and violent raw black metal / Good SouthAmerican raw black metal.Comes with fold out insert/poster, Uku-Pacha)


-MEGALITH GRAVE (USA) ''Black Enmity'' (Slim Gatefold EP14) Limited ----- 5


(2 new long tracks of desolate atmospheric raw black metal.Winterkalt Records / Tour De Garde)


-MEGIDDO (CAN) / LEGION 666 (CAN) "Last Will And Testament / Outbreak Of Evil" (Gatefold SplitEP03) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 4


(An Amebix cover for Megiddo and a Sodom's cover for Legion 666, with a raw sound for the two. Iron Bonehead)


-MEPHISTO (ITA) / THE TRUE ENDLESS (ITA) ''...Too Evil And Sick'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP07) Limited 500 ----- 5


(1 track of hellish black thrash metal / 2 tracks of morbod hateful black metal.Vomitium Niger Prod / Ordo MCM Prod)


-MOLOCH (UKR) ''Einsamer Platz Zü Sterben'' (EP13) Limited 200 ----- 4


(2 long tracks of cold Carpathian dark ambient. Stomp Records / Le Crépuscule Du Soir)


-MOLOCH (UKR) ''Selbstisolation'' (Picture EP12) Limited 300 ----- 5


(Intro + 2 new tracks of depressive raw black metal negativism + outro.Comes on picture vinyl + cover, Asgard Hass Productions)


-MOLOCH (UKR) ''Ein Düsterer Winter Kommt'' (Slim Gatefold EP10) Limited 250 ----- 4,5


(2 long tracks of depressive raw black metal with synths. Legion Blotan Records)


-MONARQUE (QUE) / EVIL WRATH (QUE) (Split EP11) Limited 300 ----- 6


(1 new track for M and 1 old re-recorded track for EW. Great and cold anti-human black metal split. Darker Than Black)


-MONS VENERIS (POR) / MORTE INCANDESCENTE (POR) (Slim Gatefold Split EP13) Limited 250 ----- 5,5


(1 new long track of evil Portuguese devoted raw black metal for both bands. Legion Blotan Records)


-MOONTOWER (POL) / PENTAGAMMADION (POL) ''Antichristian Wunderwaffe'' (Split EP11) Limited 333 hand numbered ----- 5


(Both bands come with 1 new track of antichristian Polish elite black metal in the old vein.Comes with printed inner sleeve, Act Of Hate Records)


-MOR (RUS) ''Tod Dem Feind'' (Slim Gatefold EP11) Limited 300 ----- 5


(2 tracks of progressive eastern black metal dedicated to the fallen soldier in the Artic. Darker Than Black)


-MOVARBRU (BRA) ''Eterno Guerreiro'' (Slim Gatefold EP07) Limited 300 ----- 4


(Blasphemic and occult raw black metal with obscure atmosphere.Comes on clear yellow vinyl, Intolerant Records)


-NECROBLOOD (FRA) ''Second Blood'' (EP13) Limited 666 ----- 5,5


(2 exclusive tracks of violent and primitive black death metal in the Archgoat vein.Comes with insert, Iron Bonehead / Spikekult, WTC Productions)


-NECROCHAKAL (GRE) / TERRORIST (USA) ''Black Thrash Invasion'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP13) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 5


(2 bands of violent and fast infernal black thrash metal. Metal Throne Productions / Weird Face Productions)


-NECROMANTICAL SCREAMS (POL) ''Deadly Frost'' (Gatefold EP13) ----- 5


(1 track of funeral doom metal + a Celtic Frost cover.Comes with foldout insert (or mini poster), Fallen Temple)


-NECROSTRIGIS (POL) ''Night Forest Death / Warriors Of TTF'' (EP13) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 6


(Second chapter of ''Devil's Moon Trilogy'' 7'' series with a Legion and a Mysteries cover, black metal in the old Polish way.Witches Sabbaths Records)


-NECROSTRIGIS (POL) ''Blackness Fullmoon Blood'' (Slim Gatefold EP13) ----- 6


(First chapter of ''Devil's Moon Trilogy'' 7'' series with 2 new tracks of great ug 90's sabbath black metal. Discipline)


-NECROSTRIGIS (POL) ''The Dark Regions Of Witchkvlt'' (Slim Gatefold EP12) Limited 250 ----- 5,5


(2 news tracks of great sabbath black metal in the 90's vein + a Von cover.Comes in a double foldout inserts, Discipline)


-NIHASA (GRE) / THE RED ANGLE (COL) ''Vessels Ov The Aetheric Void'' (Split EP13) Limited 300 ----- 5


(Dark and occult atmospheric raw black metal / Sabbathical ritualistic black ambient.Comes with insert, Darker Than Black)


-NOCTURNAL (GER) "Tormentor'' (Double EP10) Limited 750 ----- 7,5


(Only for the die hard fans !! 12 different recordings of their Tormentor classic, pure unholy thrash metal. Slim gatefold cover, Thrashing Rage Rec)


-NOCTURNAL (GER) "Thrashraid Over Bitterfeld" (EP08) Limited 500 ----- 5


(Pure desecrating thrash metal, 4 tracks recorded live(1 temporarily unreleased).Fold-out coloured cover)


-NOCTURNAL (GER) / PAGAN RITES (SWE) "Rise Of The Undead / Unholy Ancient War" (Gatefold Split EP08) ----- 5,5


(Violent and pure German thrash metal / Old 80's black / thrash metal.Quality gatefold with nice coloured artwork)


-NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (FRA) / KAISERREICH (ITA) (Split EP10) Limited 500 ----- 5


(New material for both band and both plays hateful, melancholic and depressive black metal with a melodic touch.Sounds of Silence / Wotanstahl)


-NOCTURNAL EVIL (ARG) / BURNING WINDS (USA) (Split EP10) Limited 300 ----- 4


(Pure raw underground black metal filth split. New materials for both. Baphometal Records)


-NORDAFROST (GER) ''The Victorious'' (Slim Gatefold EP11) Limited 666 hand numbered ----- 5


(2 unreleased tracks of cold German black metal.Comes on white vinyl, Regimental Records)


-NORDAFROST (GER) / UNLIGHT (GER) "To Our Forefathers" (Picture Split EP06) Limited 500 hand numbered ---- 4


(Fast pagan black metal / Fast aggressive black metal.Comes with insert, Heavy Horses Records)


-NUKLEAR ANNIHILATION (BUL) "Destruktive Warmachine" (EP07) Limited 500 handnumbered ----- 4,5


(Primitive and raw nuklear black metal.Comes with insert and poster, Black Hate Productions)


-NUNSLAUGHTER (USA) / NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM (UKR) (Split 5'' EP12) Limited 506 hand numnered ----- 4,5


(1 new track of their devilish brutal death metal / Violent porno death grind metal.Comes on 5'' blue vinyl, Horns & Hoofs Records)


-NUNSLAUGHTER (USA) ''Black'' (EP10) ----- 5


(4 exclusive tracks for this new NS vinyl, devilish blackened death metal.Comes with insert, Hells Headbangers)




(2 unreleased tracks of great devilish deathblack metal / Bestial blackdeath metal, 2 tacks and a NS cover. Hells Headbangers)


-NUNSLAUGHTER (USA) / Dr SHRINKER (USA) (Split Picture EP08) ----- 5


(Re-release on picture vinyl of the 2001' split. Satanic merciless blackened death metal / Old gore death metal.Comes with insert, Hells Headbangers)


-NUNSLAUGHTER (USA) / BLOODSICK (USA) (Split Picture EP08) ----- 5


(Re-release on picture vinyl of the 1997' split, with insert and new artwork. Merciless blackdeath metal / Old vein thrash metal. Hells Headbangers)


-NYDVIND (FRA) / BORNHOLM (HUN) ''Wrath & Wisdom / Feast Of Fire'' (Split EP11) Limited 500 ----- 4,5


(Both bands comes with an exclusive track of epic and emotional pagan black metal, Ancestrale Production)


-OBSESSÖR (GER) ''Black Magic Rites'' (SlimGatefold EP13) ----- 5


(4 tracks of infernal old school speed black thrash metal. Deathstrike Records)


-OBTEST (LTU) "Dvylika Juod Varny" (Picture EP03) Limited 612 hand numbered ----- 5,5


(Great pagan black metal from Lithuania with an Anubi cover.Comes with insert)


-OCTOBER FALLS (FIN) / VARGHKOGHARGASMAL (GER) (Slim Gatefold Split EP08) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 4,5


(Unreleased materials. Acoustic guitar and some vocals from October Falls and nature inspirated drum/guitar/key track of Varghkogargasmal)


-OSIRION (FRA) / THE BLACK DEATH (AUS) "Smashing The Symbols Of Dead Religions" (Split EP06) Limited 500 ---- 4,5


(Raw black metal with a Marduk cover "Marterialized In Stone" / Raw and cold black metal Asgard Musik / Winterreich)


-ØDELEGGER (GER) / HEKATE (GER) (Slim Gatefold Split EP12) Limited 500 ----- 5


(2x raw and primitive German black metal.Comes with insert, Deathstrike Records)


-PAGAN HELLFIRE (CAN) / SAD (GRE) ''Under Victorious Horizons'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP13) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 5


(Pure freezing an unholy pagan raw black metal / Good black metal in the Northern way. Metal Throne Productions)


-PAGAN HERITAGE (HOL) / UNJOY (INT) (Slim Gatefold Split EP13) Limited 200 ----- 5


(Two sides of obscure black metal.with audible depression and suicidal isolation themes.1 new track for both bands. Legion Blotan Records)


-PAGAN HERITAGE (HOL) ''Killing On Full Moon'' (EP09) Limited 250 ----- 5


(2 unreleased tracks of dirty and raw mid-paced pagan black metal with shrieking vocals. Legion Blotan Records)


-PEK (BEL) ''Worship & Obey'' (Slim Gatefold EP10) Limited 666 ----- 5


(4 demos tracks rearranged and rerecorded, pure unholy and blasphemic perverse death metal.Chalice Of Blood Angel)


-PERISYNTI(FIN) "Turmeltuneen Ihmisen Luonto" (Gatefold EP06) Limited 500 ------ 5


(Pure Nordic black metal.Their 2005' demo ( lim 199) now on vinyl.Good quality gatefold, Warfront Productions)


-PESTE (POR) ''Nós Somos A Peste!'' (EP14) ----- 5


(4 tracks of good Portuguese ug black metal. Nekrogoat Heresy Productions)


-PROFANATION (ARG) ''Devastation Of Purity'' (Slim Gatefold EP08) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 4


(Chaotic and devastating raw satanic death metal, 5 tracks and a Blasphemy cover. Kill Yourself Prod)


-RUHO (FIN) ''Skeus Uskon Valosta / Vangittu'' (Slim Gatefold EP14) Limited 250 hand numbered ----- 5


(2 tracks of raw Finnish black metal. Mantratya Productions / Darker Than Black)


-SADISTIK EXEKUTION (AUS) / DOOMED AND DISGUSTING (AUS) ''Suspiral Demo 1991 / Murder In The Dark'' (SlimGatefold Split EP14) ----- 5,5


(Brutal and insane crazy black death metal / 1 track of satanic doomed horror metal. Nuclear War Now! Productions)


-SARKOM (NOR) ''To Ruin Something That Was Never Meant To Be'' (Gatefold EP09) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 5,5


(Negative and perverse Norse black metal, with original trumpet's part in 1 track .Comes in nice noble gatefold + a sticker, Aftermath Music)


-SATANIZE (POR) / VETALA (POR) (Split Slim Gatefold13) Hand numbered and dedicated to the owner ----- 6


(Vinyl version of the 2011' tape. Both play raw unmerciful ug Portuguese black metal. Satanize track was re-recorded for the vinyl. Double foldout cover, Discipline)


-SATYRICON (NOR) "Pesten 1996" (EP06) ----- 7


(Kult black metal. 2 tracks recorded live in Vosselaar 13/4/96. Mexico import)


-SEGES FINDERE(BRA) ''Weaponize To Humanicide'' (EP14) Limited 250 ----- 5


(2 new tracks of destructive and brutal W.A.R. Black metal. Nekrogoat Heresy Productions)


-SEMPER FIDELIS (POL) / WEREWOLF (POL) ''Fidelity Of Ideology'' (Split EP08) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 5


(2x elite Polish underground black metal like the early days of the Polish scene. Printed inner sleeve, Eastside / Hammerbolt)


-SILBERBACH (GER) / KRATER (GER) "Von Blutes... / Sturm In Die Underswelt" (Split EP05) Limited 500 hand numbered ---- 4


(Very excellent split with 2 great German black metal's bands.Comes with insert, Christhunt Productions)


-SLÆGT (DEN) ''Demo'' (Slim Gatefold EP13) ----- 5


(Debut 2012' demo on vinyl, 15 minutes of intense, raging and piercing raw black metal.Tour De Garde. Recommanded!)


-SLAUGHTBBATH (CHI) ''Total Warlust'' (Slim Gatefold EP10) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 4


(Hateful, aggressive and horrid war black metal. Iron Bonehead Productions)


-STRIBORG (AUS) / SCURSHAHOR (AUS) "Psychedelic Nightmare.../ Malicious Resplendence" (Split EP07) ----- 5,5


(Depressive raw black metal agaisnt obscure noise / black metal.Unreleased materials. Southern Lord)


-SUPERCHRIST (USA) ''Black Magical Circle Of Witches'' (EP10) Limited 500 ----- 5


(1 cover of Sabbat + 2 rerecorded tracks of pure thrashy heavy black metal.Comes on bronze vinyl, Forgotten Wisdom)


-TANGORODRIM (RUS) ''Two Iron Rules'' (EP12) Limited 1000 ----- 4,5


(New material since 2007, alcoholic unholy Russian black metal. Apocalypic Empire Records)


-TERDOR (HOL) ''No Peace For Our Time!'' (Gatefold EP10) Limited 525 hand numbered ----- 4


(2 new unreleased great tracks of aggressive elite war black metal. Negra Nit)


-THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL (UK) ''Life Is Shit'' (EP07) Hand numbered ----- 5


(3 covers of Punk's tracks of The Ruts, Stiff Little Fingers and The Stranglers with guest on each track. Hand numbered and signed by the 3 members)


-THE SARCOPHAGUS (TUR/SWE) ''Hate Cult'' (EP09) Limited 500 ----- 5


(2 tacks of uncompromising hateful black metal with Kvarforth on vocals.Osmose Productions)


-TZELMOTH (COL) ''Nefario Ritual...'' (Gatefold EP13) Limited 500 ----- 5


(Fast and aggressive infernal raw black metal.Comes with an A3 poster, Necrolust Records)


-UNGOD (GER) / SACRILEGIOUS RITE (GER) ''Sexual Blood Rite'' (SplitEP11) Limited 500 ----- 5,5


(2 new tracks of sexual evil grim black metal for Ungod / First track ever for SR, pure eil German black metal.Comes with printed inner sleeve, Art Of Propaganda / OAP)


-UNGOD (GER) / MORT (GER) ''Gazing Through The Mask Of Perdition / Ascent Of Chaos'' (Split EP09) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 6


(1 unreleased grim and evil raw black metal track for each band.Comes with on heavy vinyl+A4 poster+foldout insert, None Shall Defy Records)


-UNITED BY BLOOD, GATHERED BY IRON (V/A) (5 Way Split EP12) Limited 300 ----- 5,5


(Radikal black metal with Holocaustus (Ger) / Stürm Kommand (Bul) / Endlosung (Rus) / Via Dolorosa (Ita) / Uriburu (Arg). Each comes with one track recorded some years ago. Slim gatefold cover, Thor's Hammer Prod / Thule Records / Frenteuropa)


-UNTERGANG (FRA) ''The Fuck You All EP'' (EP10) Limited 500 ----- 5


(3 tracks of cold uncompromising evil black metal + 1 track of harsh noise. Forgotten Wisdom)


-URANIUM 235 (M-C) ''Total Extermination'' (EP13) ----- 6


(Vinyl version of the 1995' demo, extreme and radikal black metal by Godkiller and ex Kristallnacht member. Burznazg)


-URGHEAL (NOR) / SARKOM (NOR) ''Maate Blodet Flomme / Disintegrate'' (Split Picture EP12) ----- 5,5


(Both bands come with a new track (a re-recorded 1 from the first album (97) for Urgehal), true satanik Norsk black metal. Picture vinyl + cover + poster, Apocalypic Empire)


-VORKREIST (FRA) / SOULSKINNER (GRE) ''Soldiers Of Satan's Wrath / In Attrition...'' (Split EP10) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 5,5


(1 live track recorded in 2007, fast satanic black metal / 1 new track of brutal and evil death metal. Foldout cover/poster + insert, Necroterror Rec.)


-WACHT (SWI) / FREITOD (SWI) (SplitEP12) Limited 500 ----- 6


(Each band comes with exclusive track of pure raw ug intolerent black metal from Switzerland.Comes with 2 A3 posters and clear vinyl, Art Of Propaganda / BergStolz)


-WARMARCH (SVK) / RIDDLE OF MEANDER (GRE) ''Into The Black Thrones Of Sitra Ahra'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP10) Limited 200 ----- 5


(Pure raw mid tempo satanic underground black metal / Grim misanthropic raw black metal. Morbic Count Prod / Unholy Black Art)


-WELTBRAND (HOL) ''Contra'' (EP13) Limited 350 ----- 5


(1 new track of industrial nihilistic war black metal + a Ministry cover remixed by Blacklodge.Comes in embossed cover + insert + a postcard, New Era Productions)


-WHITCHMASTER (POL) ''Sex, Drugs & Natural Selection'' (EP09) ----- 4,5


(4 tracks of blasphemic and pervers war black / thrash. Iron, Blood & Death Corp.)


-WHITE MEDAL (UK) / GHOST KOMMAND (SWI) ''Red Thorr, White Christ / Falkenstein'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP13) Limited 250 ----- 5


(1 new long track of raw experimental heathen black metal / 1 unreleased track of obscure unique raw black metal. Legion Blotan Records)


-WHITE MEDAL (UK) / INSTINCT (UK) ''Ger Til Tyne / Further Into The Arms Of Nature'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP13) Limited 250 ----- 5


(Unreleased materials for both bands.Great heathen raw black metal art / Raw melancholic pagan black metal. Legion Blotan Records / Ancient Trails Recordings)


-WOODS OF INFINITY (SWE) / DEFUNTOS (POR) ''Adeus / Uma Dor Centenaária'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP14) Limited 250 ----- 7


(Last (?) new track of their perverse, melancholic, ugly and sick black metal / 1 great new track of funeral black doom.Comes with insert and clear vinyl, Labyrinth Productions)


-XASTHUR (USA) / BLACK CIRCLE (SWE) ''A Living Hell'' (Split EP08) Limited 888 hand numbered ----- 5,5 Yellow vinyl (ltd 244)


(1 track of their depressive black metal + 1 Tiamat cover / Good mid tempo raw black metal.Turanian Honour)


-ZOFOS (GRE) ''Therianthropy'' (EP13) Limited 200 ----- 5


(Wolfnacht side project, dark and majestic Hellenic black metal.Comes with insert, Evil Rising)




7”EPs for 3€ or less




-APOLION (ITA) / ESWIEL (NOR) "On The Altar / Angel Of The Black Abyss" (Gatefold Split EP08) Red vinyl Limited 333 ----- 3


-APOLION (ITA) / ESWIEL (NOR) "On The Altar / Angel Of The Black Abyss" (Gatefold Split EP08) Clear vinyl Limited 333 ----- 3


(Harsh and raw hateful black metal / Early 90's fast black metal style with Beascraft/Vulture Lord member.Comes with a poster)


-ATER TENEBRAE (HUN) "Eternal Eclipse" (Slim Gatefold EP05) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 3


(Hateful, unholy and destroying orthodox black metal.Terranis Productions)


-CAPITIS DAMNARE (GER) / EQUINOXIO (PAN) ''Songs Of Desecration And Impurity / Wolves..Then Men..!'' (Split EP09) Limited 300 ---- 2,5


(1 new track of occult and violent black metal + 1 Von cover / Undergroound SouthAmerican satanic black metal.Comes on blood red vinyl)


-CASTEVET (USA) ''Stone / Salts'' (EP09) Limited 300 ----- 3


(Mysterious, dissonant, unique and occult grim black metal. No cover, only a double side insert and clear vinyl, Paragon Records)


-DAEMONLORD (SPA) / KEY OF MYTHRAS (AUS) "Bonded By Hatred" (Split EP05) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 2


(Fast black metal against black / thrash metal from Austria. Exclusive materials.Comes with insert, Ashen Productions / Nocturnal Empire)


-EX INFERIIS (MEX) ''Ngul A Crist'' (Slim Gatefold EP08) ----- 3


(Violent and fast satanic black / thrash metal in the pure old tradition, Nuclear War Now! Productions)


-FAGYHAMU (HUN) "South Of Carpathians" (Slim Gatefold EP05) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 3,5


(Raw mid tempo black metal.Comes with a poster, Terranis Productions)


-GOAT MESSIAH (SWI) / TIBURON (SWI) "Alliance Helvetia" (Gatefold Split EP08) Limited 444 ----- 2,5


(2 new tracks+intro and outro, black thrash metal / Death metal, 2 unreleased tracks. Comes on red vinyl, Necromancer Records)


-GOATWATCHERS UNITED (V/A) "Satans Goat Tribute 2. Assault" (Slim Gatefold EP05) Limited 444 hand numbered ---- 2


(Black metal.With Goat Horns (UK) / Goat Prayers (BRA) / Goatbless (ITA) / Nocturnal Goat (AUS) )


-HELL TORMENT (PER) ''Heaven Burns Today'' (Slim Gatefold EP08) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 3


(Hellish southamerican black death thrash metal armaggedon, 4 tracks, Iron Bonehead Productions)


-HELLCHARGE (FRA) ''Nuclear Zombification'' (Slim Gatefold EP09) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 3,5


(Aggressive old school thrash metal, an intro and 2 new tracks. Floga Records)


-HYENA (SWE) "S/T" (EP07) Limited 500 ----- 3


(Brutal black metal with Diabolicum/Bloodline and The Syre members, Obscure Abhorrence Productions)


-ILL NATURED (SWE) / AXIS POWERS (SWE) "Reject The Living / Fresh Human Flesh" (Slim Gatefold EP05) Limited 666 ----- 2,5


(Satanic black / thrash metal / old school death metal )


-INFERNAL GOAT (ITA) ''Extended Black Infamity / Motorpanzers'' (Slim Gatefold EP10) Limited 300 hand numbered ----- 3,5


(Raw, fast and primitive unholy black metal in the old vein. Necromancer Records)


-ISAZ(DEN) / WOLFSSCHREI (GER) (Split EP06) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 3,5


(Old school black metal, their 2 last tracks (unreleased) ever / Raw German black metal with Taaken.Comes with insert, Raging Bloodlust)


-LUPINE FALL (UK) ''Cold And Deaf To Sorrow'' (EP07) Limited 500 ----- 2,5


(Freezing and fast traditional black metal with good atmosphere. Battle Hymn Records)


-MANIAK (PHL) / RAMMER (CAN) ''Steel Funeral'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP08) Limited 500 ----- 3


(Thrashing black metal born on the ashes of Korihor / Good thrash death metal.Comes on blood red vinyl, Grief Foundation)


-MORDGRUND (GER) / GRIMNIR (AUT) "S/T" (SplitEP05) Limited 400 hand numbered ------ 3


(German and Austrian alliance of 2 unholy black metal bands.Comes with insert, Ostfront Produktion)


-MOTÖRPENIS (POR) / BLACK TORMENT (MEX) ''United Forces Of Blasphemy'' (Slim Gatefold Split EP09) Limited 500 hn ----- 3


(Pure blasphemic blackened thrash metal / Satanic black metal with thrash influences. Iron Bonehead)


-OVSKUM(ITA) / SLOWMANTRA (ITA) "Untitled / Nenia" (Split EP06) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 3


(These 2 bands play slow and raw black metal.Comes with insert)


-PHANTOM (GER) ''S/T'' (EP09) Limited 500 ----- 2


(2 good tracks of raw and primitive black metal. Fold out cover, Deathstrike Records)


-SAMMOHAN (FIN) ''S/T'' (Slim Gatefold EP10) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 3


(2 long tracks of raw occult heavy metal. Iron Bonehead Productions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mozs-w_fI2s )


-SATANIC PROPHETS (BRA) ''Nihilistica Milicia Demoniaca'' (Slim Gatefold EP08) Limited 444 hand numbered ----- 2,5


(Violent, raw and brutal anti-human satanic black metal, 3 new tracks recorded in 2005 and a 2002' rehearsal. Necromancer Records)


-SCALARE (GER) ''The Wine Of Satan'' (EP10) Limited 500 ----- 2,5


(1 new track and a Rock Goddess cover, raw heavy metal. Deathstrike Records)


-SOMBRE PRESAGE (FRA) "Rituel" (EP06) Limited 500 ----- 1,5


(2 tracks of ritualistic drone ambient)


-THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT (FRA) / AFFLICTIS LENTAE (FRA) (Split EP09) Limited 350 ----- 3


(2x extremely virulent, fast and brutal raw black metal.Comes with insert and black inner sleeve)


-THE EVIL CONQUEST WORLD(V/A) "The First Possession" (Slim Gatefold 4 way Split EP06) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 2,5


(Raw satanic South America black metal with exclusive materials of Behalf Fiend (Bra), Bestial Holocaust (Bolivia), Grave Desecration (Peru) and Blasphemiam (Col).Comes on red vinyl, Necromancer Records, Deathrash Armageddon Prod)


-THRASH METAL BLITZKRIEG VOL.1 (V/A) (4 Way Slim Gatefold Split EP05) Limited 1000 ----- 2,5


(Total old school thrash metal with Skull (Col) Hangöver (Pol) Pyöveli (Fin) Paganfire (Phi))


-THY LEGION (MLT) / PRAYER OF THE DYING (MLT) ''Into The World's Oppression'' (Split EP11) Limited 500 ----- 2


(For the first time, togather on a vinyl, 2 extreme black/death metal bands from Malta.Comes on white vinyl, Nekrogoat Heresy Productions)


-TOTAL HATE (GER) / YERSINIA (GER) "S/T" (Split EP06) Limited 333 ----- 2,5


(Raw underground black metal for these 2 German hordes.Comes with insert, Deviant Records)


-TROLLECH (CZE) / SORATH (CZE) "Tumulus / Saros" (Slim Gatefold EP05) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 3


(Fast pagan black metal / Melodic black death metal. 2 songs for each band. PigeonShit Agency)


-WARFARE (GER) ''The Flame Of Majdanek'' (EP04) Limited 400 ----- 2


(Raw underground radikal war black metal.Comes with insert, Christhunt Productions)


-WÜRM (AUS) ''Hog Metal'' (Slim Gatefold EP09) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 2


(Obscure and thrashing blackdeath hog metal with some high pitched vocals, Iron Bonehead Productions)


-ZARACH'BAAL'THARAGH (FRA) / KARBONIZED TRAITOR (LUX) (Split EP05) Limited 300 hand numbered ------ 3


(Extreme raw black metal / Raw grinding black thrash metal. Australian import.Comes with insert, Winterreich)


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