FIRE N°11 - NAASTRAND (FRA) "Chants D'Europe" (ProCDr06) Limited to 500 hand numbered copies ----- 3,5 (last copies)


(Military and traditional songs, folkish black metal.16 tracks, 1 hour of music. Pro 8 pages booklet)






-BLACK HOWLING (POR) ''This Rain Is The Weeping Of Forefathers'' (CD12) ----- 5

-BORGIA (FRA) / YSENGRIN (FRA) ''Ars Magna Moriendi'' (SplitCD09) ----- 6

-CTHULHU RITES (POL) ''Acheront Bezkształtnego Diabelstwa'' (Digipack CD13) Limited 500 ----- 6

(22 minutes of good black metal to the gloryof the great old ones, dark aeons and forgotten cults.Witches Sabbath Records)

-DER STÜRMER (GRE) ''The Blood Calls For W.A.R.!'' (CD14) ----- 9

(New CD version of the 2001' first album, radikal ns black metal. Lancea Music)

-ETHERE (FRA) ''S/T'' (CD07) ----- 7

(4 long tracks of freezing depressive black metal. Medieval Craft)

-GONFANON (FRA) ''Call To Arms'' (MCD10) Limited 500 ----- 3

(Old recordings from 2000/2001 just out now! 28 minutes of heathen music dedicated to our ancestrors values.Werewolf Promotion)

-KAEVUM (NOR) ''Natur'' (CD13) ----- 8

-KAEVUM (NOR) ''Kosmos Erwache'' (CD13) ----- 8

-L.S.S.A.H. (POL) ''Die Fahnen Vernichtung'' (CD12) ----- 5

(Both demos (1996' and 1998') on the same CD, raw Polish ns black metal. Darker Than Black / Witches Sabbaths Records)

-NOKTURNE (USA) ''Curse Of Nazarene'' (Digipack CD02) ----- 7

(Violent, hateful and blasphemic misanthropic ns black metal with a Destruction cover. Red Stream Inc.)

-SATANIC WARMASTER (FIN) ''Live In Hekelgem'' (CD??) ----- 10

(8 tracks recorded live in Hekelgem the 20th November 2005, comes with an A4 Poster.Great to have an audio memory of that show!)

-SUNCHARIOT (USA) ''Warrior Of The Winds'' (CD13) ----- 5

(Atmospheric & patrotic raw black metal in the BBH vein.Winter Solace Productions)

-VERZIVATAR (HUN) ''In The Shadow Of Sombre Clouds'' (CD08) Limited 1900 hand numbered ----- 4

(4 long tracks of cold and raw depressive black metal full of sadness.Comes in a foldout 3 panels carton's cover, Old Temple)

-WARAGE (FRA) ''Black Metal War'' (CD06) ----- 6

(Their first full-length. Raw and brutal elitist war black metal. Desastrious Records)

-WARAGE (FRA) / VALSBLUT (FRA) ''Vestiges D'une Nouvelle Ere'' (Split CD04) ----- 6

(Fast elitist underground black metal / Raw primitive pagan black metal.Taran Production)

-WOLFENHORDS (CRO) ''White Power For White People Fight'' (CD12) Limited 500 ----- 5


Pro CDR / Demos CDR


-ANGITIA (ITA) ''Bellvm Marsicvm'' (DemoCD08) Limited 500 hand numbered ----- 1

(Tormented natural black metal with a little sympho touch and Italian lyrics.Glossy cover and sticker on the CD)

-ARGENRAZA (ARG) / GRAFVOLLUTH (USA) / STORMLÜST (FRA) (3 Way Split Pro CDr 07) Limited 300 ----- 1

(Elite pagan black metal / Grim depressive black metal / A. death metal)

-BOSIPHERIUS (ARG) "Land Of Morbid" (DemoCD05) ----- 0,5

(Mid tempo black metal. Slim case. Xerox cover)

-GREAT BLOOD (FRA) "Wotan's Inquisition" (DemoCD05) Limited 100 hand numbered ----- 0,5

(Raw pagan black metal with true heathen lyrics)

-HELL UNITED (POL) "Extra - Strenght Of The Obscure" (DemoCD07) ----- 1

(Brutal black / death metal.Comes on little DVD case. Pro CDr)

-MACABRIA (FRA) / SOLEIL D'HIVER (FRA) "Humanité Charognarde..." (Split DemoCD06) Limited 50 hand numbered ----- 0,5

(2 bands of cold dark ambient. DVD format cover – sent without the case)

-MATAR (FIN) "Matar" (DemoCD07) ----- 0,5

(Harsh, raw, hateful and evil black metal. Slim case, Sound Of Charge)

-RIGID HORNS (FIN) "Nightrhymes" (DemoCD07) ----- 0,5

(Atmospheric instrumental black metal. Pro looking printed covers+sticker on the CD, Wolfsvuur Records)

-STILTE (HOL) "Verpulver" (Demo CD07) Limited 100 ----- 0,5

(Harsh and raw black metal with some melodic touches.With a Burzum cover. Slim case. Xerox cover, Wolfsvuur Records)

-TERDOR (HOL) "The Combat Action Of 5 October 1944" (DemoCD07) Limited 48 hand numbered ----- 1

(Aggressive and raw war black metal with filthy vocals. Rerelease of the sold out 2005' demo. Slim case and glossy cover, Wolfsvuur Records)

-THE LAST TWILIGHT (SPA) ''Morbid Path'' (DemoCD05) Limited 500 ----- 0,5

(Aggressive, blasphemous and unholy underground black metal.Glossy cover in slim case)

-TOTAL BLACK ONSLAUGHT OF DEATH (V/A) (4 way split DemoCD07) Limited 222 ----- 0,5

(Wolfhollow (Usa) black metal with ambient parts / Entsetzlich (Aus) black noise metal with sick vocals / Bloody Ritual (Can) depressive black metal / Nevelrijk (Hol) fast and raw black metal.Xerox cover, Wolfsvuur Records)



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