-ASGARD ROOT MAGAZINE – Issue 2 ----- 6

(92 pages on high quality paper.With interview of A Forest Of Star, Agalloch, Akitsa, Arckanum, Austere, Caina, Coldworld, Dead Raven Choir, Enslaved, Freya Aswynn, David Galas, Janvs, Lifelover, Lyrinx, Musk Ox, Paragon Belial + 17 pages of reviews. Sold at the cost price)

-KALEIDOSCOPE ZINE – Issue 8 ----- 4

(48 pages with long interviews of Triptykon, Fleurety, Trine Og Kim, Austere, Coldworld, Altar Of Plagues, Crooked Necks, Saros, Black Majesty, Crystal Darkness and Vanguards Of Dark Art : Alcest, Hateful Abandon & In The Woods)

-YAOTZIN (HOL) ''Mors Christii'' (Box09) Limited 66 hand numbered ----- 8

(Box contains the tape version of the ''Mors Christii'' album with 2 bonus tracks + a DVDr with 10 tracks recorded live at the Kompeks Heerhugowaard 24/09/2004 + a logo button.Comes in a VHS box.The tape, the box and the DVD have different coloured artwork. Barbaric satanic black metal. Frozen Darkness)




-FIRE TS1 - VULTYR "The new gods of hate" T-Shirt limited 50 --- sold out

-FIRE TS2 - SOMBRE CHEMIN "Heathen Art" limited 50 ---------- sold out

-AZELSGARD ''Slavonic Horned Evil'' T-Shirtsize M ----------------------- 10

-DER STÜRMER ''Hellenic Werwolf Kommando'' T-Shirt size M -------- 14

-EXCRUCIATE 666 ''Logo + Chaos Cross'' T-Shirt limited 50, size XL – 10

-FUNERAL (FRA) ''A Strife … A Victory'' Hooded Sweatshirt, size M - 18

-GASKAMMER ''Black Metal S. Heil'' T-Shirt limited 50, size -----------– 14

-KRATORNAS ''The Onslaught Of Battledemons'' T-Shirt size L -------- 10

-LIFELOVER ''Pulver'' White T-Shirt size M and L ------------------------- 10

-PAGAN METAL AGAINST ANTIFA T-Shirt size M ------------------- 10

-PAGAN SKULL ''White Nationalist'' T-Shirt size M ------------------------ 12

-TOTAL GENOCIDE ''Tu n'es qu'une Vermine de plus'' T-Shirt size L –- 13

-VONDUR ''Vondur Panzer Divizion'' T-Shirt size L -------------------------- 12

-WARAGE ''Logo'' T-Shirt limited 40 , size L and XL ------------------------ 10

-WARAGE ''Logo'' GIRLIE limited 10 , size S and M ---------------------- 10

-WOLFENHORDS ''Aryan Black Metal'' T-Shirt, size M ------------------- 11


If you want to see a picture of the shirts, just send me an e-mail with you wish.

( its the same for all other items in this list )




-ACHERON ''Satanic Supremacy'' 10/7,5 cm ----------- 3

-GASKAMMER ''Bulgaryan Black Metal'' 18/11 cm – 3,5

-LORD OF EVIL ''Soldiers Of Satan'' 18/11 cm ------- 3,5

-NOKTURNE ''US War Black Metal'' 18/11 cm ------ 3,5



2 buttons for 1,5 euro

-VULTYR "Logo" 1,25" / 32mm ---- 1

-LUCIFUGUM "Logo+Band" 1" / 24mm ---- 1

-LUTOMYSL "Logo" 1" / 24mm ---- 1

-WARAGE "Logo" 1" / 24mm ---- 1



Second hand :

-ASTRUM ARGENTUM (???) ''Tlad De-Pur'Anota'' CD0?) Negra Nit ----- 2

-BESATT (POL) ''Hellstorm'' (CD02) Undercover Records ----- 3

-BLACK FUNERAL (USA) ''Az-I-Dahak'' (CD04) Behemoth Productions ----- 4

-DESASTRIOUS (USA) ''Loekr InnNiflheim'' (CD98) N°017/1000 Desastrious Records ----- 5

-DIE SAAT (GER) ''Der Schlachten Tribut'' (CD03) Limited 1000 Ewiges Eis Records ----- 5

-ESCHATON (GRE) ''Causi Fortior'' (CD06) Nykta ----- 4

-EVIL (BRA) "Arktogaa" (MCD06) Totenkopf Propaganda (Inlay plié) ----- 3

-EWIGES REICH (GER) ''Krieg, Hass, Tod'' (CD05) Perverted Taste ----- 4

-GAUNTLET'S SWORD (GRE) ''Theosophy'' (CD06) Ewiges Eis Records ----- 3

-HELLKULT (FIN) ''The Collection'' (CD04) Blood Fire Death / Regimental Records ----- 15

-IMAGO MORTIS (ITA) ''Una Foresta Dimenticata'' (CD06) Drakkar Productions ----- 5

-LUSITANOI (POR) ''A Nossa Luta'' (Dgipack CD05) Dog Of War Music ----- 5

-NARGAROTH (GER) ''Rasluka Part II'' (CD02) No Colours Records ----- make offer

-ODAL (GER) ''...Wilde Kraft'' (CD05) Christhunt Productions ----- 5

-ODAL (GER) ''Einst Verehrt Von Allen'' (MCD03) Christhunt Productions ----- 5

-SOMBRE CHEMIN (FRA) "Hétérodoxie: Opus 1 - Haine" (MCD07) Limited 1000 / Sabbath's Fire ----- 2

-STORMNATT (AUT) ''Resurrection Ov The Kult'' (CD05) Ashen Productions ----- 4

-SVARTFELL (FRA) ''The Sentence Of Satan'' (CD06) Limited 666 Warfront Productions ----- 5

-THOU SHALL FALL (VEN) ''The Path Of Memories'' (CD06) N°157/300 Vacio Abismal Records ----- 4

-WAR (POL) ''Holy War'' (CD05) N°641/999 Under The Sign Of Garazel Productions ----- 4


-AFFLICTIS LENTAE (FRA) ''Saint Office'' (LP09) Limited 500 / Carbonized Cells ----- 5

-KATHAARIAN (GER) "Cryptic Temples Of The Ancient Cult" (LP05) Limited 300 / Christhunt Prod ----- 8

-SOMBRE CHEMIN (FRA) "Notre Héritage Ancestral" (Gatefold LP08) Limited to 514 / Sabbath's Fire Records ----- 6


-SOMBRE CHEMIN (FRA) / EOLE NOIR (BEL) ''Hétérodoxie: Opus II - Fierté / Errance'' (Split Gatefold MLP10) Limited 500 / Sabbath's Fire Records ----- 4


-WARAGE (FRA) / EXCRUCIATE 666 (FRA) ''Guerriers Nordistes'' (Split EP05) Limited 500 / Sabbath's Fire Records ----- 6


-GRAVELAND (POL) ''Following The Voice Of Blood'' Long Sleeve Size XL make offer

-GRAVELAND (POL) ''Creed Of Iron'' T-Shirt Size XL make offer

-NOKTURNAL MORTUM (UKR) ''NeChrist'' T-Shirt Size XL make offer



Free items with each order (ask for it !!)

Each “tape” will be send on Cdr+cover


-ACRANIS (BRA) ''Valley Of Death'' (DemoCD07)

(A kind of modern death / trhash metal.Comes in cardboarded sleeve)

-CULTUS (HOL) "Promo 2007" (Demo07)

(3 advance tracks + 4 remastered tracks taken from "A Seat In Valhalla" album, pagan black metal. Xerox cover)

-EPYDEMYC (BRA) ''In Putrefaction'' (DemoCD07)

(Old school death metal.Comes in cardboarded sleeve)

-MALTKROSS COMPILATION VOL.1 (V/A) (Compilation Tape09)

(black / death metal sampler with Maltkross bands, 62 minutes with Suicidal Winds, Black Dementia, Blasphemous Creation, Sturmgewehr, Meridian Pain, Skincrawler, Alastor, Culto Obsceno, Disorder, Devastator, Angrepp, Black Mass Pervertor, Ampütator, Begrime Exemious, Abuso Verbal, Camos, Cancerbero and Asylium)


(Crushing brutal death metal. Xerox cover, Skeleton Plague Records)

-NEFASTO (CHI) ''Explosion Immimente'' (DemoCD06)

(South american thrash metal.Glossy cover)

-SLOWLY SUFFERING (ITA) ''Condamned To Suffering'' (Demo08) Limited 250

(Old school anti christians death metal. Xerox cover, Maltkross)


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